14 years same Job went from first to worst

6 months in and im Top salesperson in company

6 months only at a wine sales job and I already got awarded as being number one in commissions!
I won several trip contests to Italy and several to France.

2013 I Leave for a better position as a corporate SOMMELIER.

4 years as a Corporate sommelier for a 4 location chain of Brazilian Steakhouses. I loved having control over my own wine list without micro managing. I achieved huge success but the owners deleted the position. I was on the market again

2017 Son Of Owners of Abc Makes me An Offer I Can’t Refuse

Back to being Captain Washington and selling the heck out of Washington Wines. No More Commissions but a bonus incentive and I was put on salary. One of three in the states titled a “Senior Wine And Spirits Specialist “ I have no idea what a Senior Meant but I know I was finally able to support a decent lifestyle at $70,000 per year

The Pandemic Changed everything

Isolation and chaos among the public forced me to take paid time off. That lead to 12 weeks of job protected FMLA. I GOT Into a mental dark place I’ve never been before. I hit Rock Bottom. I had a severe mental breakdown but thank god I got the help I needed to get back to work. When I returned under the American with Disabilities Act Abc fine wines had some magic tricks up their sleeves. No more Senior wine and spirits specialist I was demoted (should have hired an attorney for discrimination against a disability) and I was cut $36,000 less in income. I was In poverty but I needed work so I took it and took it up the butt financially

Meet my New Regional VP mike MAGA Mcbride

From the get go and the first Y’all. I didn’t hit it off with him and I’m sure he wasn’t a fan of me either. He gradually took away all the Stipends the reimbursements the extra bonus incentives and most of the time only told me what I was doing wrong but never what I did right. Typical corporate figurehead

I finally got transferred to my old store in Sunrise but they punished me for a year in Miami the worst store on the chain. Like working in a graveyard

I hung in there as the amazing Google reviews about me and my knowledge and customer service skills kept me going. My customers not ABC appreciated me and showed it


They were gunning for me. Any excuse they could find to get a paper trail on me for possible termination down the road is the job of a HR DEVIL. They get paid by the company not by the employee so never report anything to any HR department.

Long Story short they twisted my intent on little issues to get me to a final warning letter. During those 60 days you get paid but you can’t earn a bonus. That’s crippling however , hang tight. Wait till you read what the evil empire ABC did to me


Two Weeks Notice. I finally found a better paying job

I handed in my 2 weeks and lovely HR called to inform me how much she wanted to leave me on the right foot. They would pay me my final week’s paycheck. My unused paid time off hours up to 160 hours. She said she had to check about my bonus that I earned in March for selling ABC’s exclusive wines that pay higher profits.

To be sure, I called my long term colleague In payroll Milton Pizzaro ! Milton told me that 1- he sent 3 paychecks to my personal checking with Bank of America. 1- final weeks paycheck 2- 160 hours paid time off that I didn’t use any of and 3 my Sourced and certified bonus that I earned from March

I was happily surprised that ABC took the high road after 14 years or Service and paid what I was owed

it Aint over Till The Maga Vp Sings

Wait There’s More !
Check this out

The sons Of Bitches after 14 years of service direct deposited my bonus from march $651 and had the audacity To sneak into my personal checking and take the $651 money right back !!!!!


As readers and clients of my blog I appreciate the support you have given me over the years and of course I will always be there for you and your wine and spirits needs and advice.

I can’t tell you how to feel about what was done to me. I can’t tell you what to write in social media or Google Reviews about abc fine wine and spirits in Sunrise

You decide what type of people you want to shop with. You decide what type of employer you want to work for or avoid like the plague.
I can give you a link however once you have read this blog.


you know who reads this blog of Mine ?



GRAPE-Fully yours,


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