If You Are A Wine Person And Foodie, Relationships WILL NOT WORK Unless Both Share The Same Passion!

I usually don’t use my blog to speak about my personal life but for years people have been making fun of me for my opinion on relationships. When I tell them that I don’t go out with certain friends or I don’t date certain women because they are not passionate about Wine and Food like me and are picky eaters who drink White Zinfandel or don’t drink at all…. I Get “LARRY YOU ARE BEING WAY TOO PICKY. YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO LEARN TO SETTLE” I met the most amazing young woman on Twitter who lives in my favorite state for wine Washington State who also works at winery tasting rooms in Washington State. She loves food and will try anything once. Meet Cara
Cara Almberg
Cara View
Look at that VIEW. Yes I meant The Mountains in Washington State…although I would perfectly understand if you were checking out the view of the girl with the glass of wine lol. Usually I don’t text people even my friends in Florida because we have nothing to talk about. Usually I don’t send videos of what Wine I am drinking or what food I am eating because no one in my life including my ex wife of 14 years would care!! Although my new friend Cara is beautiful, and funny and very smart (Studying for continuing education degree in Business and Marketing) and runs a Tasting Room as I mentioned above, it’s the common bond of speaking about food and wine and exchanging pictures and videos that makes me look forward to speaking with her. I am planning a trip to visit for the first time in my love of Washington State Wines the State of WASHINGTON. Why haven’t I visited in all these years I have been selling, touting, and writing about my favorite state. The Answer is Simple: The same reason I am not dating anyone right now..nothing about them enticed me enough. Sure I like Washington State but Wine and Food is made to be Shared with someone that just doesn’t look at it as getting nutrition and a quick buzz but someone who savors every sip and every bite of food and looks at the WINE LIST first in a Restaurant and then decides what food they want to eat.
Cara Sunglasses
Now when I visit Washington State all the winery taatings and the restaurants i will visit will be with my own personal Washington State Tour Guide who lives in the state and works in the Wine Industry and Shares the PASSION. Now to me that sounds like a great trip.
So I don’t care if you disagree but I feel VALIDATION!!! If you are in a relationship with a friend or spouse etc and you have not an interest or hobby but a PASSION for anything and you don’t share it with the other person then It will NEVER WORK OUT! At least for me I would rather be alone. All my Wine Blog Readers, Pick Your Friends, Your Guests your Significant Other but for Goodness Sake, make sure they share the Passion For Wine And Food Like You Do. NO VEGAN, ICED TEA DRINKERS should even be in your social circle of friends….BORING!!!
Even on the worst day at my job I speak about Wine and Food with Cara and I feel Calm, And I feel happy. WOW…Someone in my circle of life that GET’S ME and has every same interest as me including her love of DOGS!!

Cara And Mastiff

2 thoughts on “If You Are A Wine Person And Foodie, Relationships WILL NOT WORK Unless Both Share The Same Passion!

  1. Wow larry, I can’t believe how parochial you are? I am at least as big a wine lover as you, but I do not choose my friends from their taste in wines or lack of same, but their personality. I have to say, that there is more to life than wine, or else I think you are having a major issue to deal with. I don’t know why your post offends me that much, but it does. I did not se you as such a superficial person. Maybe you should keep your personal life out of this blog. It is so easy to dissagree with others point of life.

    Daniel, Denmark

    Ps. Still love your wine post though 😉

    1. Daniel
      Thank you for your comment and I am happy that you enjoy the blog. I question how passionate you are about wine and food. To those of us who live breathe and think about wine and food pairings 90% of our days and nights than I can promise you if you are with friends or with a significant other that doesn’t share that passion it will be a non satisfying relationship. The analogy would be a group of meat eaters going out with a vegan. The vegan destroys the entire experience and most of those relationships don’t work out. Let’s agree to disagree with this one. Cheers!!

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