Letting The “CAB” Out Of The “BOX”

I am not a Wine Snob People but REALLY, REALLY????
I actually love the CONCEPT and TECHNOLOGY of Boxed Wine. It is great for picnics, great for boats or pools (No Broken Glass To Worry About), Great to keep in your Fridge. The best part that I love about Boxed Wines is that inside the box is 3 Liters or almost one gallon of wine in an air tight collapsible bag. This bag collapses as you dispense a glass of wine. No Air gets in the wine and therefore the wine stays fresh as the day you opened it for a month or in some cases even longer than that. That’s as good as a professional nitrogen system dispenser!!

Here’s the reality check. There is no FREE LUNCH in Life. Come to your senses people. I don’t advocate the snobbery that wine has to be expensive to be good or drinkable. A decent bottle of 750 ML Wine from anywhere in the world can be found for under $10 a bottle and in some cases under $8.00 a bottle. Remember however that this is for one 24.5 ounce bottle. So do the simple Arithmetic and Multiply $8.00 By 4 which will get you the 3 Liter Price of DECENT drinkable Juice. A Minimum of $32.00 would have to be charged to the consumer for a decent boxed wine. Right now retailers and big box stores are offering the types of poor quality juice in 3 Liter Boxes for $10 with a high of $17.00. How can anyone produce anything even remotely drinkable for $2.00 for a 750 ML bottle or 24.5 Ounces?? They can’t!! Refreshing White, Sunset Blush, Rhine Wine, Moscato, Chianti, Chablis (Fake Chablis and Fake Chianti) Horrible!!!!

Thank goodness we are starting to see a trend (Washington State to The Rescue Again) of quality producers out there producing their quality juice in Boxed Wine Formats. Below are a couple of examples:

These are 2 quality producers in Washington State: Badger Mountain and Tefft Cellars. They produce typical quality Washington State Wine Varietals in a Boxed Wine Format but from the same quality, organic vineyards that their regular bottlings come from. They both retail for $26-35 a Box but that beats a poke in the eye with a sharp stick when you consider you are getting 4 Bottles of Wine in a Box that will keep the wine fresh for over a month.

My final advice is to hold off for now. Good Boxed Wine is on the way. The ones that are available are worse than jug wine quality. Sooner than later you will have quality selections from all over the world available in a keep fresh, non glass bottle technology. Until then, DON’T LET THE “CAB” OUT OF THE “BOX”

2 thoughts on “Letting The “CAB” Out Of The “BOX”

  1. I got it!!! Anything other than California!!! For almost 40 yrs. I have tried to educate stuck up “Cork Dorks” that wine is an expression of Region, Personality and Passion of the “Human Experience”. I have tasted wines that taste like “No Where”, but I’ve also tasted wines that taste like “No Where Else”. This is no criticism. Open not your mind, open your heart to “Every” wine region. Including California.

    1. Walt Bells…Nice Comment and considering you live in the Heart Of Napa Valley in Yountville. I just want to stress I only say Anything other than California not because California doesn’t obviously produce some “No Where Else” type wines HOWEVER, as an honest authority and Wine Educator I can’t justify the Quality To Price Ratio that California Wines offer. $120 For Far Niente Cab or $65 For Caymus Cab is ridiculous when that type of quality can be found for 1/3 the Price. Thanks again for the comment

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